My Experience


Corporate Financial Leadership

Colorado Department of revenue (Taxation Division)                                                                                 Denver, Co

Providing the leadership to manage and direct the activities of the Taxation Division

Senior Director of Taxation | 2016 to Present: Leader of the Taxation Division which  collects, administers, audits and enforces all taxes, fees, bonds and licenses under Colorado tax laws. Its mission is to serve Colorado taxpayers efficiently, effectively and elegantly in a manner that eliminates redundancy and ensures operational and data integrity.

  • Division leader responsible for establishing strategic objectives for operations, legislative, policy, fiscal and customer service.
  • Lead cultural transition of the 400+ Divisional employees from stove-piped legacy systems to an integrated service model.
  • Division collects $15B in annual revenues and processes 10M tax returns annually.

Curian Capital, LLC                                                                                                                                                Denver, CO

Director of Business Reporting and Analysis | Denver, CO | 2014 to 2016:  Responsible for designing, developing, and implementing internal and client reporting and analysis to support the business leaders in their strategic and business decisions.  This position assists the CFO and the Controller with the preparation and review of regulatory reporting, financial analysis, statistical reporting, management reporting, and cash management.  Staff includes the Strategic Business Reporting Group, Financial Analysis team, and Cash Management team and works closely with the Accounting, Strategic Projects, and Operations teams.

  • Oversight of the annual budget process; oversight of the preparation and analysis of various financial models
  • Assist with the preparation of Board materials and other Management Reporting
  • Review and oversight of monthly reporting regarding financial information and business KPIs (i.e. segment reporting, variance analysis, flows, assets, etc.)
  • Supervise the continued development and enhancement of the accounting and finance sub-systems to meet the needs of the organization
Qwest Communications International Inc. (Now CenturyLink)                                                               Various Locations

Telecommunications carrier that generated $13 billion annually and provided local service to 14 states.

Director of Finance, Corporate Financial Planning and Analysis (FP&A) | Denver, CO | 2001 to 2010: Spearheaded the Corporate FP&A Department after merger with USWest. Successfully consolidated all corporate budgeting, planning, analysis,and reporting functions. Created standardized reporting packages and established a standardized business analysis function. Trained and tested 100 users to optimize functionality and usability of new system. Served on Governance Committee. Led and motivated staff of 14 to peak levels of performance.

§  Saved $120,000 in annual labor costs, increased accuracy, and improved financial tracking capabilities by automating internal management reporting processes.

§  Reduced cost of reporting support by $300,000 annually, decreased redundant/contrary reports by 75%, and enabled reassignment of five employees by creating enhanced profitability analysis and standardizing cost reporting.

§  Grew margins by up to four percentage point by heightening accountability for profitability across business units. Implement standard costing system and empowered stakeholders to pinpoint the root cause of issues.

§  Improved reporting efficiency, driver-based forecasting, and security with new data structures and security requirements.

§  Received three Quarterly Finance Excellence Awards.

Director of Finance, Strategic Transactions | Denver, CO | 2001: Established a business analysis function and seamlessly managed all aspects of large, complex deals with customers and vendors. Fulfilled all approval requirements, and ensured proposed deals could be fully supported, by collaborating with sales, financial, legal, and operational groups.

§  Expedited transaction resolutions by directly supporting contract negotiations.

§  Increased closure ratio by 25% and enabled enterprise to close business deals 50% faster while acting as the primary liaison with KPNQwest.

§  Realized forecasted outcomes and maintained full compliance to contract terms by instituting status tracking and post-mortem reporting system. Devised enhanced deal status reporting methods.

Director of Finance, CFO – Wholesale Markets | Denver, CO | 1999 to 2000: Expertly managed budgeting, forecasting, business case analysis, and sales operations support for the Wholesale Markets Group. Kept business unit abreast of financial position. Supervised staff of nine and controlled a $3 billion budget.

§  Empowered executives to make timely and effective corrections by creating models that accurately forecasted results.

§  Optimized margins by implementing customer profitability reporting.

§  Consistently met/exceeded financial objectives by promoting flexibility and pipeline reporting to increase focus on top priorities. 

Director of Business Analysis | Ballston, VA | 1994 to 1999: Coordinated, evaluated, and approved all non-standard customer contracts. Developed high-impact pricing plans.  Managed a cohesive team of five employees.

§  Cut analysis/resolution time for complex business deals in half by generating standardized processes, and improved business models that ensured consistency and accuracy.

§  Increased approved business cases by 50% per month, without raising staffing levels, by instituting reliable reporting practices, installing controls, and implementing company-wide approval processes.

§  Won President’s Circle and Chairman’s Club Recognitions. Selected to go on a Caribbean cruise with senior executives and other exceptional employees to deliver presentation on highly competitive processes that achieve maximum returns.

§  Reduced data gathering time by 75%, and average initial response time by 60%, by establishing standardized processes for business case intakes.

Previous four years of success as Senior Financial Analyst / Product Manager at Dublin, Ohio, location.

Consulting Experience

Owner | 5-Scotts Financial Consulting Partners LLC | 2010 to 2011 and 2012 to 2014: Deliver advanced CFO and management expertise to diverse organizations.

Partner | B2B CFO | 2011 to 2012: Provided comprehensive CFO consulting services to small- and mid-market businesses.